Electrical Car Charger Installation

Electric Car Charger Installation Service in Montreal, Laval & Brossard

WuElectrique is just the right solution for your electric car charger installations whether you own an electric car or planning to purchase one. We have a team of experts and technicians that are able to provide you with a turnkey solution in Montreal, Laval, and Brossard.

Residential EV Charging Mechanism

Electric cars are rapidly becoming popular and more people are using them for transportation. Therefore, the need for residential electric car charging stations is also increasing because of the convenience and cost-effectiveness as compared to commercial charging stations. 

The electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) provides power to an electric vehicle (EV). They are also known as charging stations or charging docks since they supply electric power to the car from your home’s electrical grid to recharge the vehicle’s batteries. EVSE systems consist of the electrical conductors, related equipment, software, and communication protocols that transfer energy to the vehicle in an efficient and safe manner.

Benefits Of Installing Ev Charger At Home

The Electric vehicle charger installation at your home offers the following advantages:


Cost-effective as compared to commercial charging stations in Montreal

Increase in property value

Types of EV Chargers Offered by WuElectrique

WuElectrique offers two types of home EV chargers:


known as base Charger


also known as a fast charger and is compatible with Tesla

A Level 1 charger normally provides 4 miles of driving range each hour of charge, whereas a Level 2 charger provides 32 miles of driving range per hour of charge. With a Level 2 charging station, you can charge up to 8 times quicker. A Level 2 EV charger typically takes 3-8 hours to charge from empty to full, but a Level 1 EV charger takes 11-20 hours to completely charge. 

Many EV manufacturers recommend that customers install a Level 2 charger in their house or garage if possible. Level 2 chargers are easier for an electrician or professional to come and install this.

WuElectrique: The Electric Car Charger Installation Expert

WuElectrique has a team of highly qualified technicians and electricians for EV charger installations at home. Our electricians will provide you consultation first to determine the right charger for your electric car. Contact us now through email, phone number, or filling the form on our website to book an appointment with our team!

Our Process

How We Works

Here’s how we ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation procedure for our clients

Schedule an appointment

Our team of specialists will assist you through the process of selecting the right EV charger and provide you with an exact installation cost estimate.

Installation Process

Our licensed and trained electricians will promptly and effectively install your EV charger, ensuring that it is properly functioning and meeting all safety and quality standards.

Ongoing Support

Our dedication to client satisfaction continues after installation. We offer continuing service to guarantee that your EV charger is always in good working order.