Spas & Pools Electrical Installation

Spas & Pools Electrical Installation

Pool and spa at home are a great source of relaxation, offering a great way to unwind after a long day. However, pool and hot tub installation can be complex and daunting, requiring a wide range of specialized skills and expertise. Now that’s where WuElectrique steps in, offering a hassle-free way of the pool and hot tub installation to transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis. 

WuElectrique Spas & Pools Installation

Electrical installation is an essential part of installing a pool or spa. Whether setting up a new pool or spa or repairing an existing one, ensuring that the electrical components are safely and adequately installed is critical. Wu Electrique is a professional electrical installation firm that can ensure your pool or spa’s wiring, circuit breakers, heat pump, heater, and other electrical components are up to code while ensuring it is correctly grounded. 

With our pool and hot tub electricians, you can know that your pool or spa is safe to use and that your investment is safe.

Pool & Spa Repairing Service

Pool and spa maintenance services are vital for the proper and safe functioning of pools and spas. Over time, pools and spas tend to wear down. Therefore, regular maintenance is required to avoid costly damage and provide a healthy swimming environment. WuElectrique can solve many problems, including leaks, cracks, broken heat pumps, filters, and heating systems of both pools and spas.

Our team of expert pool and hot tub electricians offers various services, such as spa repair and installation, pool pump repair, and pool heater repair. With our pool and spa maintenance services, you can enjoy a pleasant and safe swimming experience at your home!

We offer the following Pool, Spa, and Hot Tub services

Pool panel installation

Pool grounding

GFCI protection

Outdoor GFCI plugs

Pool, spa and hot tub safety inspections

Pool pump & heater circuits and connections

Get in touch with us now for a consultation with our team by setting up an appointment for installation and maintenance of your pool and spa system with ease and confidence.

Our Process

How We Works

Here’s how we ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation procedure for our clients

Schedule an appointment

Our team of specialists will assist you through the process of pool and hot tub installation and provide you with an exact installation cost estimate.

Installation Process

Our licensed and trained electricians will promptly and effectively install your pool and hot tub, ensuring that it is properly functioning and meeting all safety and quality standards.

Ongoing Support

Our dedication to client satisfaction continues after installation. We offer continuing service to guarantee that your pool and hot tub are always in good working order.