Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical Panel Upgrades in Montreal & Laval

It is crucial to upgrade electrical panels in your home to ensure a safe electrical system. Some homes built in the 1960s in Montreal and Laval have fuse boxes that contain electrical systems with an average capacity of 47 amperes and 8200 watts. These electrical systems are unsuitable for modern electrical appliances as they are unable to support the current levels, leading to poor connection and increased risks of fire. Wuelectrique provides long-lasting solutions for your electrical needs in compliance with current safety codes and regulations.

Install Modern Electrical Panel

Having a reliable and high-quality electrical panel is essential for your home’s electrical safety. Every homeowner must consider upgrading their electrical panel if their house is older than 50 years to ensure the safety and efficiency of the electrical system. An outdated electrical panel can cause various problems, such as power outages, surges, and fire hazards. Additionally, it can also cause higher electric bills and harm electrical appliances by reducing performance.

Therefore, it is essential to upgrade electrical panels as it is a smart investment for home value and safety. It provides various benefits, such as improved overall safety of property and an efficient and reliable power source. A new electrical panel consists of a circuit breaker, surge protector, transformers, terminal blocks etc.

Our Electrical Panel Upgrade Services

As modern societies have become more reliant on electricity, there is a growing demand for larger-capacity electrical systems, ranging from 100 to 200 amperes or 200 to 400 amperes. 

We at WuElectrique recognize the needs for modern lifestyle. Therefore we provide the following electrical installation and upgrading services

Fuse panels to circuit breakers replacement

New main panel installations

Pool / outdoor sub panel installations

Emergency panel installation

Service entrance upgrade, 100A to 200A.

Whole house surge


Surge protectors offered

Our electrical rewiring services include

A hard-wired surge protector is installed between your home’s utility entry point and the circuit breaker panel. This device prevents sudden, intense power surges, from entering your house, such as from lightning strikes.

In an advanced surge protection system, a certified surge protection device is installed between the wall socket and your electronic equipment.

WuElectrique: Electrical Panel Upgrade & Installation Expert

WuElectrique specializes in delivering electrical panel upgrade services to ensure your electrical system’s safety, efficiency, and durability. Our licensed electricians have the skills and knowledge to examine your electrical needs, propose suitable modifications, and deliver dependable solutions within your budget and requirements. Contact us today to schedule a meeting with our team for consultation.

Our Process

How We Works

Here’s how we ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation procedure for our clients

Schedule an appointment

Our team of specialists will assist you through the process of Electrical Panel Upgrade & Installation and provide you with an exact installation cost estimate.

Installation Process

Our licensed and trained electricians will promptly install and upgrade your electrical panel, ensuring that it is properly functioning and meeting all safety and quality standards.

Ongoing Support

Our dedication to client satisfaction continues after installation. We offer continuing service to guarantee that your electrical panels are always in good working order.